Adult Programs


Winter Programs - Enrolling Now!

November 11 through December 15 --No programs during Thanksgiving week.

  • Member Enrollment: 10/23
  • Non-Member Enrollment: 10/30




Still wondering what BOGAFiT is? Click here to watch a short video.​

All registrations will be available online at o​r at the Membership Desk.​ 

Click here to download full Winter Mini Session Schedule: Winter Mini 2019.pdf


​Comprehensive Triathlon Training Program - right here at Trail Point! The Tri-Racers of Iowa is a local club of triathletes dedicated​ to helping those new to triathlon, as they once were! This program is for ANY level of triathlete in a non-intimidating atmosphere!

Training Options:


​​PRICE: Member/Non
​7:15-8:15 PM
​5:15 - 6:00 AM
​5:15 - 6:00 AM
​6:30 - 7:30 PM

All registrations will be available online at o​r at the Membership Desk.​ 

Racquetball - Winter 2019

Schedules: ​

Recreational Winter Racquetball League

Competitive Winter Racquetball League UPDATE2.pdf

Standings - Recreational Winter League:​​​​

PlayersWins/LossesStreak  Points For  Points AgainstDifferential 
James Graefe2 – 0W240+4
William Whipps2 – 0W240+4
Geremy Woods2 – 0W241+3
Ryan Crabbs1 – 1W132+1
Eric Schulz1 – 1L123-1
Wayne Sturtz0 – 2L214-3
David Nelson0 – 2L204-4
Mick Herke0 – 2L204-4


Standings - Competitive Winter League:​​​​
PlayersWins/LossesStreak  Points For  Points AgainstDifferential 
Carl Occhipinti1 – 0W120+2
Casey Anderson1 – 0W120+2
Craig Bossard1 – 0W120+2
Jerry Saddoris 1 – 0W120+2
Scott Jones1 – 0W120+2
Shawn Snyder1 – 0W120+2
Susan Acoymo1 – 0W120+2
Doe Adover1 – 0W121+1
Jeffrey Blackmer0 – 1L112-1
Mitch Hushak0 – 0n/a000
Tim Byrnes0 – 0n/a000
Adam Fast0 – 1L102-1
Chris Harre0 – 1L102-1
Mark Prendergast0 – 1L102-1
Martin McCaffrey 0 – 1L102-1
Richard Dietz0 – 1L102-1
Shaun Murray0 – 1L102-1
Sunil Bulusu0 – 1L102-1

League Details:

  • Leagues Runs November 3 and November 7
  • Games played on Thursday Nights and Sunday Afternoons
  •  Members and Non-Members Welcome
  • Single Player League — ages 16+ 
  •  T-shirts and Plaques to the winning players in each division

Team Training - LIFT + TRAIN

Select the small-group training program and times that work for YOU!

LIFT: Build strength, increase metabolism, & improve movement patterns. Lift is a strength-based program that incorporates a variety of resistance training movements to help you reach your fitness goals.

TRAIN (Cardio/Strength): Have fun with a variety of total body conditioning that includes both strength & cardio exercises. This program is professionally designed to help maximize your results so you can reach your goal faster!

Billed monthly. Contact Drew Ness to get started! (515) 289-9550


T60+ (60 + Older Only)

T60+ is a small group  (up to only 8 people)  personal training option offering significant attention from a trainer while enjoying the benefits of a supportive and social group! Exercises can be performed with or without the help of a chair.

Special focus will be on:  

  • Posture
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Strength


Drew: (515) 289-9550 / Email: 

Nanette : (515) 290–0005 / Email:  ​


Team Training - SWIM (FULL-- Join Waitlist!)

Team Swim combines the benefits of personalized  instruction & the added encouragement of a community!  

Join us for 2 structured swimming workouts per week guided by the coaching of swim pros,  designed to offer 60 minutes of swim instruction tailored to meet specific level of capability. Program will use headsets at various times that allow instruction while you are swimming and provide an off-day workout to do on your own each week.​

Contact Drew Ness to join our waitlist for this program!
(515) 289-9550 / 

Clubs are FREE for Trail Point Members!

Club NameAudienceDayTimeFacebook Group LinkAgesLocation
Hope Brigade (Chronic Illness/Cancer Support)AdultsMONDAYS5:45-6:45PM 16+Conference Room 1240C
Runner's ClubYouth/AdultTUES & THU5:15 - 6:15 AM Ages 12+Track
Volleyball ClubYouth/AdultFRIDAY6-10 PM 12+Gym 1B