Adult Programs

Winter Programs for Adults 

January 14 - February 24

Member Registration: December 28  - 8 am

Non-Member Registration: January 4 - 8 am

Registration is available o​nlin​e at ​or at the Membership Desk.

Fall Program Schedule:




BOGAFiT AdultWed7:30-8:15pm$40/$60
B-Board AdultTues5:15-6:00am$40/$60
B-Board AdultThu5:15-6:00am$40/$60
Tri-Racers Bike/Run*Adult​Tues6:45-7:30pm     7:30-7:50pm


Tri-Racers Bike/Run*Adult​Thu​5:15-6:00am  6:00-6:20am$25/$50
Tri-Racers Swim*Adult​Fri​6:15-7:15am$25/$50
Tri-Racers Swim*Adult​Sun​3:00-4:00pm$25/$50

 *Tri-Racers Session runs 6 weeks, January 14 - February 24.

BOGAFiT - Fitness Regimen developed by combing best aspects of key proven movements. Think Boot camp and a little Yoga on the FITMAT on top of the water! You will sweat, laugh, and work hard all at once and in the H20!
B-Board – Just like BOGAFit with a little twist. Includes elements of strength & yoga on the FiTMAT on the water.
Tri-Racers – A comprehensive Triathlon training program featuring swim, bike & run training sponsored by TriRacers of Iowa. TriRacers of Iowa is a local club of triathletes dedicated to helping those new to triathlon—as they once were.

 Still wondering what BOGAFiT/B-Board is?

Click here to watch a short video, narrated by Aquatics Director, Molly Charley.


90-Day Total Body Transformation

 Total Body Challenge Logo.jpg 


Wow! Congrats to all participants that decided to invest in themselves for just  $1/Day!

As a group, participants lost nearly 550 lbs!

Congrats to Phil Gauthier & Amanda Utz for achieving the highest % of weight lost!


Team Training - NEW for 2019!

Select the small-group training program and times that work for YOU! Runs 1/7 - 3/3.

LIFT: Build strength, increase metabolism, & improve movement patterns in our 8-week program.  Lift is a strength-based program that incorporates a variety of resistance training movements to help you reach your fitness goals.

Select a team:

  • Mon, Wed, Fr i@ 5:30 am (Shelly & Michaela)
  • Mon, Wed, Fri @ 11:00 am (Kelsey)
  • Mon, Tues, Thu @ 4:30 pm (Kimberley & Jake)

OR TRAIN: Have fun with a variety of total body conditioning that includes both strength & cardio exercises. This 8-week program is professionally designed to help maximize your results so you can reach your goal faster!

Select a team:

  • Mon, Wed, Fri @ 9:00 am (Kimberley, Kelsey & Dana)
  • Mon, Wed, Fri @ 12:00 pm (Kelsey & Kimberley)
  • Mon, Wed, Fri @ 5:30 pm (Shelly)

 $160 for Members ONLY!

Register online or at the Membership Desk!

Racquetball - Winter 2018/2019


Name                                   Record               League 

Scott Jones                          6-0                       A1

Susan Acoymo                   6-0                       A1

Casey Anderson               5-1                       A1

Tim Byrnes                          6-1                       A1

Robert Marod                   4-2                       A1

Nate Guerdet                    2-1                       A1

Cory Hart                            4-3                       A1

Chris Barnhart                  4-3                      A1

Richard Dietz                    4-3                       A1

Jeff Vaughan                     3-4                       A1

Dayne Logan                     0-4                       A1

Mark Swedlund               1-5                       A1

Martin McCaffrey          0-5                       A1

Brian Funk                          0-3                       A1

James Greafe                    0-4                       A1

Suzanne McTernan       0-6                       A1

Ben Horner                        7-0                       A2

Jeffery Blackmer            6-1                       A2

Shawn Snyder                  6-1                       A2

Chad Anderson               6-2                       A2

Josh Skinner                      5-1                       A2

Sunili Bulusu                      5-2                      A2

Gustavo Hernandez      3-3                      A2

Jerry Saddoris                   3-4                      A2

Vance Temeyer                2-4                     A2

Shaun Murray                   2-4                     A2

Ryan Webb                         3-4                     A2

Michael Ruffolo               2-5                      A2

Tim McGrath                     1-5                     A2

Aaron Briley                       1-6                     A2

Ryan Carswell                   0-5                     A2

Craig Bossard                    0-5                     A2

Sonya Wright                    6-0                      B

Adam Fast                           7-1                      B

Ryan Crabbs                      4-4                      B

Deborah Goebal              3-4                     B

Joshua Reed                       3-4                     B

Jason Jones                        2-3                     B

Sean Strike                          1-6                    B

Beth Miller                          0-4                    B


Our season began in November 2018.

View the Leagues and Lineups:

View the Racquetball Rules here.


Clubs are FREE for Trail Point Members!

Club NameAudienceDayTimeFacebook Group LinkAgesLocation
Mom's ClubAdults1ST THU/MONTH5-6:00PM Moms (No kids!)Cafe X
Runner's ClubYouth/AdultMON & THU5-6PM Ages 12+Track
Volleyball ClubYouth/AdultFRIDAY6-8PM 12+Gym 1B
Weight Management ClubAdultsMONDAY5:45-6:45PM 18+Conference Room 1240C
Women's Basketball ClubAdultsSUNDAY12-1:30pm 18+Gym