Kids Zone

​Welcome to Trail Point’s Kids Zone!

This unique on-site child care option is available for children 3 months – 8 years old and is an inclusion in your family membership at Trail Point. Our littlest members are excited (and very vocal) about how much they enjoy their time in Kids Zone! Many of them request a visit – sometimes even inspiring guardians to visit and work out! And while we’d love to have them stay and play all day, children are able to visit Kids Zone one time per day for up to two hours.

Kids Zone Staff

Our staff knows a lot about how young children grow and learn. Leadership ensures that each new team member is as passionate about children as we are! They complete a comprehensive training and orientation process to prepare them for working with our member kiddos.


Safety and Security

Families will be greeted by a staff member (at both check-in and check-out) who will provide access to our secure space. We ensure appropriate adult to child ratios are maintained for child safety and the promotion of rich, meaningful interactions between our member children and caregivers!

Space and Materials

We offer dedicated spaces for each of the following age groups:

  • Infants/Toddlers

  • 2– 5 year olds

  • 6 – 8 year olds

All areas are equipped with materials and toys carefully selected to meet the interests and needs of each group. These items are regularly rotated so children can expect something new each time they visit! Kids Zone also has access to two different large motor areas within the facility -- especially helpful for freeing those wiggles on rainy and snowy days! 



We know that infants and toddlers require a higher level of care. That’s why Kids Zone staff endure additional training prior to working with our youngest members! Bottle feeding and diaper changes are available for infants (on demand). All you need to do is bring the full bottles, diapers, wipes! This is a fantastic way to be able to get your workout in – without the disruptions!